Sweet Tooth

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to kick things off for this year's humanitarian project. On the blog, each of the Project Kuya members that are attending this years trip will be posting to share something they're looking forward to or share an experience from last year with all of you. It's always amazing to hear the stories from others and be able to share the excitement and the memories with each other. I believe these experiences will help you connect not only with the Project Kuya team, but also with the Filipino people. So we'll start with me!

Name: Robin Uata

From: Provo, Utah

Areas: Bayawan, Siaton, Casoy, Busay, Vallehermoso, Minglanilla, Zamboanguita, and Kamputhaw.

I'd love to share one of my favorite experiences from last years trip with you guys. I remember packing my bags and getting ready for the trip worrying about how I was going to squeeze my clothes and donations into my 50 pound bags. As I was packing, my older sister walks into the house holding huge bags of candy that she wanted to donate for kids in the Philippines. I was so confused why she brought candy, but she thought that it would be something that the kids would like and insisted that we squeeze these huge bags of candy into my bags.

When I got to the Philippines, I ended up giving some of the Project Kuya members bags of candy to hand out to kids in the communities that they were visiting. It's crazy to see something as small as a Double Bubble Gum bring the biggest smiles. I carried these bags of candy throughout the entire Project Kuya trip, handing it out to as many kids as I could!

Towards the end of the trip, me and two Project Kuya members were walking around in Lahug, Cebu City. We had heard about a fire that destroyed a couple homes in the neighborhood and so we wanted to see if we could do anything. We walked past a couple of burnt down houses. Right next to the houses was this basketball court that had a couple kids. We reached into our bags and started giving the kids candy and toys. The kids got so excited and sprinted around the neighborhood telling their friends about what happened. Suddenly, we were surrounded by dozens of kids, throwing candy in the air, making each other laugh. 

The children in the Philippines have such beautiful attitudes that are contagious. Their smiles are enough for me to want to go back every year with Project Kuya. Again, who knew how much a small piece of Double Bubble would bring the biggest smiles? I hope that this story plays as a reminder that small things can make the biggest differences.

Robin Uata