Strong Foundations

Name: Canyen Heimuli

From Payson Utah!

Areas: Canduman, Lapu-Lapu, Bogo, Talibon, Mandaue City, and Tagbilaran City

Hello! My name is Canyen Heimuli, and I am also a new member of the Project Kuya team! I hail from the cute little town of Payson Utah, but I currently attend BYU pursuing a degree in International Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Management. I am so excited that my friends at Project Kuya have let me come with them and be a part of their team!

The last time I was in the Philippines, I had the chance to work with a Nonprofit that built houses for a community whose homes were almost all destroyed in an earthquake. The young men of a family we were building a home for worked along with us and sang, joked, and laughed with us as we mixed cement. After we helped lay cement foundations for several homes, the same family fed us lunch! I learned several lessons that day. The first was that I wanted to be a part of a business or cause that exists to help people and gives economic or development aid (that’s why I study International Relations now!) I also knew for myself that the Filipinos we helped really did appreciate and utilize our help and that it wasn’t wasted on them. It worked for them because Filipinos are so hopeful for the future, they have great work-ethic, and they have the initiative it takes to use what resources they have and make something beautiful with it. I have seen time after time that many just need a helping hand to start out and with Project Kuya we’ll be giving them the helping hand they need!

I am beyond hyped to go back to those beautiful islands because of the love I have for the Filipino people! Because of what I learned from them, I have a meaningful purpose and mission in life to pursue and I’m glad that Project Kuya is helping me achieve that mission!

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