Round Two

Names: Hunter and Mikayla Musgrave

From: Mesa, Arizona

Areas: Bacong, Bais, Sikatuna, Toledo, Naga, Bayawan

Mikayla and I are so excited to return to the Philippines this year for #ProjectKuya. I could talk for hours about the different things we love about the Philippines and the amazing people there. During the time that I lived there, the thing about the people that stuck out to me the most is their endless generosity.

The Filipino people are willing to give anything and everything they can to help their neighbors and even complete strangers. I can remember countless times walking by people's home and hearing them yell out to me “Let's eat!”. Even though most of these people had close to nothing, they are so incredibly loving that they will give anything they can to lift up another.

I love how happy Filipinos are. They are always laughing and making jokes. But all that laughing let's you see their beautiful smiles. It's contagious! I can't even think about the people without smiling myself. Whether we were chopping firewood, pulling weeds, building houses. The people were always smiling. They taught me an important lesson about looking for the good in every situation.

Last year I got married to Mikayla, the love of my life, and she had a chance to come be part of Project Kuya 2K16 and fell in love with everything about the Filipino culture. She says “The people are so nice! Even though I couldn't speak their language, everyone treated me like one of them and helped me feel completely included. And I loved all the cultural experiences like the jeepneys, all the different foods, and pedicabs. But mostly it was a humbling experience for me. These people who had nothing seemed to be so happy with life already and were absolutely grateful for the help we were able to give. They taught me life is not about the nice things we have but about having a positive outlook on life and making the most of it. I absolutely can't wait to return with Project Kuya. Like they say, it's more fun in the Philippines!

Mikayla and I are from the Arizona. I grew up in the blistering hot desert and she grew up in the backwoods and mountain areas of Arizona. So we love the beautiful, tropical paradise of the Philippines. We love the beaches, mango trees, coconut trees, goats, chickens, and everything about the scenery! We are so excited to visit, but we are mostly looking forward to helping people in need while we are there. Project Kuya is more than just bringing supplies to those who need them. It's about bringing people from all over together to bless the lives of those that need and deserve our help. We will do anything and everything we can to serve the Filipino people on Cebu and Negros islands. Love kaayo mi sa inyong tanan! Kita kits!

Robin Uata