PK 2017

We were able to have a huge successful service project out in Cebu. With all the donations that were made, Project Kuya was able to help out a community that lives in the Cebu Chinese Cemetery. With your help, we were able to make so many people smile.

On May 13th, we had so many people volunteer to help Project Kuya with this project. We arrived in the Cemetery prepared to distribute all of the donations among the community. Food, clothing, hygiene kits, and school supplies were ready to be dispersed. Hundreds of people lined up in the cemetery.

I wish that you could have been there. I wish that you could have witnessed the excitement of the kids dancing around with their friends and smiling. I wish that you could have heard the sincere heartfelt thank yous from so many individuals. I wish that you could have felt the love and joy that everyone. We received so much support from people throughout the world and we are so thankful.

We'll be posting stories, experiences, new projects, and also new video footage on the blog within the next couple of weeks! Hope you guys are as excited about it as we are!

Robin Uata