Last year was the first time that Project Kuya was able to do humanitarian work. We were able to fundraise money that offered support for families in need and we could not have done it without you! In 2016, we tried to go to as many areas as possible helping families along the way. For our 2017 trip, we wanted to shift our focus a little bit.

This year, we would like to focus our efforts in two specific areas. One area would be on Cebu and the other on the island of Negros. By concentrating our efforts on these areas, we feel that we can make a bigger impact with the donations that are given. We would love to go to different areas as well to offer assistance, but the majority of donations will be used to offer support for these two communities that have extreme poverty.

We will be talking more in detail about the two areas that we have chosen and why. We hope that you stay tuned with our fundraiser updates in this blog. Every dollar goes such a long way. We witnessed so many miracles last year and would like to continue to do so this year. If you haven't yet, we invite you to share our cause with others and donate! We love our Project Kuya family and we love the Filipino people even more!

Your donations helped purchase school supplies, school uniforms, food, and so many other necessities that were high in demand for the Filipino people. We hope that you join us and support our cause!

Salamat kaayo!

Robin Uata