Who, What, Wear

This Saturday, 1/21/2017 on the @kuya_brand Instagram page, we'll be doing an auction for the very first KUYA brand item! 50% of the purchase will be donated directly to the Project Kuya humanitarian project. I've never done an auction before on Instagram, but I'm super excited to see how this goes! Keep reading to hear more about the coat and the details for the auction for this Saturday!

The item that will be auctioned will be this trench coat! I've styled both male and female models in this coat and that's why I love it. It's very unisex and can cater to so many different looks!

Models: Tenealle Elkington (@tenealle) and Afa Ah Loo (@afa.ahloo)

Photographer: Penny Fuimaono (@pennalicia)

This trench coat was introduced in my first mini collection that showcased at the Exalt Fashion Show in Salt Lake City in 2016. I originally purchased this trench coat from Savers Thrift. Some of the buttons were loose and broken and so we did some touch ups. That's the beauty of upcycling! We were able to make new buttons out of a thrifted curtain. The new buttons on this trench add the perfect pop of color for the winter months. It's subtle, but it adds so much to the look! 

On Saturday, the auction will start on the Instagram page (@kuya_brand) at 9 AM (MST). Everyone will be allowed to place bids throughout the day in the comments. All bids must be in $1 increments. Remember to check the comments on the page to see if someone has outbid you so that you can place a new bid! The person with the highest bid at 6 PM will win the coat!

The coat must be picked up in Orem, Utah unless something else is arranged for pick up. Any shipping charges will need to be covered by the winner of the auction.

Remember that 50% of the purchase will help support the Project Kuya humanitarian project that will help people in the Philippines this May 2017. Your bid will not only win you a warm and cozy trench coat, but it'll help someone in need! We provide fashion with a purpose and can't wait to host our first auction!

See you guys on Saturday!

Robin Uata