2016 has been filled with amazing experiences that have helped me grow in the fashion industry. I had the opportunity to be part of a team for a high fashion streetwear brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah called JAYUS. Our team was built with amazingly talented people. We called ourselves "the JAYUS bunch" and worked super hard to get our brand started.

JAYUS is indonesian slang meaning someone who tells a joke so badly, that you can't help but laugh. Our vision for the brand was to incorporate humor and an everyday lifestyle while catering to a high fashion market. It was such a beautiful perspective to have in the fashion industry and in August we showcased our SS-17 collection. So much hard work went into the show and it was a total success! We completely sold out for the fashion show and even threw an after party. It was amazing to put in so much time and effort into a project and then see the results. The satisfaction of seeing JAYUS hit the runway was incredible!

Eventually, we all went our separate ways starting different business ventures. Each of us were able to use JAYUS as a huge opportunity to learn and grow individually. I'm so thankful for the amazing experience that I had. Had it not been for JAYUS, Project Kuya wouldn't have been able to create a brand of clothing. I learned so many skills that helped me prepare for this new business venture that I am taking with Project Kuya.

The whole point of this blog post is to remind you that even though some things don't go according to plan, it can still help you grow as an individual.

Check out http://www.blog.threadwallets.com/jayus-fashion-show/ to read about Thread Wallets and their experience at the fashion show.

Here are some photos from our run through on the day of the show! 

Photographer: @alexis.teuila

Robin Uata