Details & Dreads

Model: DD Briggs (@dd_savage21)

Photographer: Penny Fuimaono (@pennalicia)

This suit jacket is by far my favorite piece that I introduced in my first mini collection in 2016. I love everything about it. I originally bought this jacket at Savers Thrift. In the pictures above, you can't really see the alteration that was done, so I wanted to point it out for you!

With my first mini collection, I thrifted a curtain from a store in LA with this funky print. As soon as a I saw it, I had a million ideas rushing into my head for what I could do with it. I was brainstorming ideas for a mini collection for weeks! It wasn't until I found that curtain that I was able to start making some clothes.

I had my friend Afa Ah Loo (@afa.ahloo) help me sew this. We were able to use the thrifted curtain as material to incorporate this jacket into my first mini collection that showcased in November. We added the fabric to the inside of the sleeve and I love that it's subtle, but once you see it, this jacket goes zero to a hunnit! It looks so formal and business casual, but at the same time it's different and creative.

I'm obsessed with this funky twist for this fashion staple. Can't wait to sell it on the site later this month!

Robin Uata