Phresh Off The Runway

Starting this brand went from zero to a hundred really quick. It started out as an idea, and then I spontaneously signed up to participate in the Exalt Fashion Show for local designers. It was a really amazing experience to push myself creatively to create a mini collection that would showcase at the Utah State Capitol along with other talented designers in Salt Lake City.

The show took place on November 18th, and we were allowed to showcase six looks. My nerves were out of control that day because this was the first collection that I showcased on my own. I've helped with other fashion shows, but this was the first time that it was my personal clothing line to showcase.

I participated in the Exalt Fashion Show with some amazing talent. My good friend Afa Ah Loo showcased some of his amazing gowns that absolutely slayed the runway. I also had an opportunity to meet the designers of Urban Sartorial as they showcased their collection with sleek custom suits. I love the fashion industry and the people that I am able to meet.


Jordan Bramhall (@jinstabram)

Hernan Brown (@hbrown801)

Nick King (@nicking26)

Viko Nomaaea (@vikonomaaea)

Daniel Sanderson (@danielmsanderson)

Lio Vaitai (@kaliopasivaitai)

Hair and Makeup:

Mykle Troye (@mykletroye)


Penny Fuimaono (@pennalicia)

Creative Team:

Afa Ah Loo (afa.ahloo)

Tayler Clark (@gingerpygmy)

Penny Fuimaono (@pennalicia)


Robin Uata