2001 Vibes

Slug Mag is an amazing magazine based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year, they celebrated their 28th Anniversary! To celebrate, they hosted a fashion show and selected 28 designers to showcase designs throughout the years. 28 designers, 28 outfits, celebrating 28 years of fashion. How cool is that?!

I was so excited when they invited me to participate. How could I pass an amazing opportunity like this? Each designer was assigned a year, and then we were asked to create an outfit that represented the year and also catered to our personal aesthetic. Our not only had to cater to the year, but also a Slug Magazine cover from that specific year. I was really excited to see what year I would get.

I eventually was assigned the year 2001. All I could think about was cardigans, boy bands, and the catastrophic denim on denim combo that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake tried to pull off on the red carpet. But then, I looked up some popular songs from 2001 which just so happened to be my saving grace! The song "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani. I just remember how often I jammed to this song and definitely used it to inspire the look that I created for the Slug Fashion Show. And then when it came to selecting the 

So check it out! I created this combo look of this dark green crop top, capri pant, and rain jacket.

I had an amazing team that had helped me all day that day! I had my good friend Ailani (@ailani.mua) do hair and makeup. Because of the song, I wanted to channel more Gwen Stefani vibes with the hair. I love how it turned out and my model, Alyssa (@alyssawalters_) looked absolutely flawless! Also another shoutout to the amazing photographer, Alora (@alaniphotography), for the amazing photos!

Robin Uata