My name is Robin Uata and I'm from Provo, Utah. I enjoy eating Sour Patch Kids while binge watching Netflix. If Beyonce even breathes on a track, I'm listening to it. I'm Polynesian. I'm a humanitarian and I am the creator of Project Kuya.


KUYA (coo-yah): Filipino term for big brother


Project Kuya is a humanitarian project that aids the people of the Philippines every year. I lived in Cebu, Philippines from 2013-2015 and had the opportunity to learn so much about the language and culture. Ever since I returned to the U.S., I always wanted to go back to do humanitarian work, and Project Kuya was a way for me to give back to a people that have given me so much.

We fundraise money every year in order to provide necessities such as food, dental supplies, school supplies, etc. It's amazing to be able to go to the Philippines to help the people that I have grown so close to. It's always an amazing experience to help people in need.

The Filipino people have become my family. The term Kuya just seemed like ther perfect fit for wanting to go the extra mile to help my family in the Philippines. Regardless of where I am, I will always be their Kuya.